T Abeles & Company,

I went to this store about a week ago, and wow, what service. they were all family there and they made you feel that way to, they actually put the shoes on you and measured your feet. who still does that?! i loved this store, my parents are happy with this store as well, if you are looking for great shoes, awesome service this is the place. they even sell the new shoe called MBT. go try for yourself

Randi McNamee in Clinton, MS

Randi McNamee

From Yahoo Reviews:

I have been a fan and client of T.Abeles and Company ever since Terry Abeles saw me walk(badly)and said "I can fix that". Fast foward ten or so years,and dozens of MBT's for me and my family ,I can say without hesitation that each and every buying/fitting experience has been without equal.The personal care from shoes to orthoitics can only be found at T.Abeles and Company. This company has my highest recommendation.


From Yahoo Reviews:

I saw Kelsa shoes on HSN but was afraid to purchase online without trying them on. After a quick Google search and a quicker phone call, I discovered T Abeles- I had purchased some MBT's from them years ago and loved them. This time, I was a woman on a mission to find even more comfortable shoes for work.
After carefully measuring my feet (who measures feet anymore?) Ted spent 2 hours with me while I tried on every possible shoe I could wear. With my lousy feet (bunions especially, Ted found the perfect shoes that really fit my feet and needs(comfortable to walk and stand) as well as my budget! I couldn't be happier with the customer service and personal attention! Thanks so much Ted ! I will definitely be back! 🙂


From Yahoo Reviews:

I had a cousin tell me about T Abeles and I am glad she did. Terry worked with me and I now can walk without my feet hurting so bad. If I only knew then what I know now. Terry and staff thank you for your care and professionalisim and going that extra mile.

gen luckett

From Yahoo Reviews:

I have had nothing but positive results from the shoes I've purchased from T Abeles--I have real problem feet--deformed--etc--Terry fitted me--stretched the shoes to compensate for the abberations in my foot structure and made sure that everything was right --I can walk again--I had been unable to walk for exercise for several years--after my fitting with MBTs--was able to walk over five miles per day on a European trip--no pain--no leg cramps--wonderful!!


From Yahoo Reviews:

i went into t abeles for help with my feet.terry put me in shoes that made my feet feel like new again.i have been doing business with them for about 5 years. everyone that works there have been super nice. whoever dont think they do there job the right way is crazy.i am thankful to have a store in our area that has a service like they have. thanks terry and family for your caring help.


From Yahoo Reviews:

Whenever I need shoes (and for whatever reason), this place comes through! I just walked out with the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn - they fit like a glove from the moment I tried them on! They're made by '1803' and I can't wait to go back and buy them in different styles and colors. This store is widely known for its service and quality footwear. I brought our parish priest in there to get some decent shoes (he's a size 13) and we left with sandals and two pairs of shoes. They worked diligently with him to get the right fit - I couldn't have been happier. He had never experienced this kind of service before! I've been spoiled by them and I will never go elsewhere. Great service, great products, no buyer's remorse! If you're serious about your feet, you need to check them out. If you're satisfied with Wal-Mart shoes, I'm happy for you - but those never worked out for me!


From Yahoo Reviews:

I have been using orthotics in my shoes for almost 10 years due to my flat feet which has been causing pain in my left foot. The orthotics were prescribed by a Dr. specializing in feet. The only other solution was surgery which I declined. The orthotics helped some but did not relieve the pain completely. One day I was talking with my pharmaist who told me about how T. Abeles saved his career because he obviously had to stand on his feet all day long and his feet were killing him. Mr. Abeles put him in a pair of MBTs that left him pain free. So I went to see Mr. Abeles that day and after looking at my feet and talking with him about my problem he measured my feet and watched me walk and stand and recognized my problem. He put a pair of motion control shoes on me that has corrected my over pronation problem. My foot does not hurt anymore. Mr. Abeles also recommended a pair of socks that are just really great! My feet sweat alot and after taking of my socks they are wet with perspiration, but with these socks it is really amazing; the socks are dry and my feet feel really good! I went back and purchased more socks and have an order in for another pair of shoes. Both Mr. and Mrs. Abeles have always been very pleasant and helpful! I have recommended them to several people and will continue to do so. I just wish that I had known about them many years ago!