Why T Abeles & Company?

Why T Abeles & Company?

Our mission is to not only help those customers already exhibiting  painful and damaging foot problems, but to also stress  how crutial foot health is in creating and maintaining a positive quality of life.

We carry a wide variety of brands to help you find a great pair of healthy shoes that fit your feet as well as your lifestyle. 

What people don’t understand is that many times a foot problem that can be corrected quite easily at first, over time can grow to become a major medical problem that needs medication therapy or surgery to heal.

Feet constantly change throughout your lifetime.  We will evaluate your feet and gait to alert you to seek medical advice when we suspect a problem.

Also, every time your visit our store, we will measure both of your feet.  This helps us fit you in the best shoe size and width, and also gives us information about the type of foot you have and which types of shoes will be the best fit for you.

Certified Pedorthist

Terry Abeles, owner of T Abeles & Company, is a certified pedorthist.  At T Abeles & Company we stock a wide variety of medical products to help those hurting feet. We also have the tools, expertise and materials to do custom shoe modifications as well as custom orthotics.  We can help alleviatie common foot problems caused by disease, injury or overuse. Some of the problems we can help with include plantar fasciitis, calluses, arch pain, heel pain, ankle pain, knee hip or back pain and Morton’s neuroma.